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Pre-Licensing Classes New Jersey

March 21, 2013 in Career in Real Estate, Defalco Real Estate Academy



New Jersey Real Estate

Pre-Licensing Classes

Starting Soon!


DeFalco Real Estate Academy

Is Now Offering

New Jersey Pre-Licensing Classes

Spring/Summer Schedule:

Monday – Thursday Class Schedule

April 29th 2013 – May 14th 2013

[Monday Through Thursday 9:00a.m-4:30p.m]

Saturday Schedule Classes

April 27th 2013 – June 29th 2013

[Saturdays 8:30a.m – 5:00p.m]


 (No Classes Scheduled Memorial Day Weekend)

• $50 deposit to pre-register

• Tuition is $375 [Includes Textbook]

• This course meets the State Educational requirements
for those wishing to qualify for the State Licensing Exam.

• Students must be 18 years of age and have a high school diploma or equivalent.
The NJ Real Estate Commission will conduct criminal background check on all candidates.

For More Information:

Alma Selita, CRI, Broker Associate

Office: 732-845-3200 Cell: 732-604-2119

Fax: 732-845-3201




DeFalco Real Estate Academy

October 26, 2011 in Defalco Real Estate Academy

One of the questions I am most asked is, “Why?” —
“Why did I start the DeFalco Real Estate Academy?”

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The answer goes back to my feelings about being a Real Estate expert with twenty five years experience. In that quarter century, I have found my life enriched by the profession, by the experience and by the people I’ve interacted with. My career has been about far more than earning a living or becoming a success – it has helped shaped who I am. Passing that along to others has become important to me and thus, DeFalco Real Estate Academy was born.

In these tough economic times, I wanted hard-working, ambitious and hopeful people to have more options. Training for a great career with plenty of potential, a career that offers incredible earning opportunities as well as flexibility for an excellent balance of “work” and “family”; offering people the chance to find what I have in my Real Estate career.
Staff Photo-Defalco Real Estate Academy
The DeFalco Real Estate Academy offers local in-person Real Estate classeDescription: DeFalco Real Estate Academys, taught by wonderful professionals with the information and experience to guide and instruct. We want to answer all your questions – the ones you have today and the ones that will come up during instruction. We want to emphasize what we believe – that Education, Ethics, Honesty and Reputation – will take you as far as you want to go.

We have people like our Director and Instructor Alma Selita, a licensed real estate instructor in both New Jersey and New York. She has accomplished so much in her life – and continues to make a difference in not only her professional life as a Broker Associate at Robert DeFalco Realty in Colts Neck, NJ but also in New York and as a community service leader. Alma believes that “your success is my success”. That attitude is one of the reasons DeFalco Real Estate Academy is such a wonderful place to learn. We think that thought process takes you from the classroom to the working world and enables you to look at your clients the same way. Their happiness and contentment in what you accomplish for them is where your success lies. A happy client makes for a happy Real Estate professional. DeFalco Real Estate Academy offers so much; you can complete your course at your own pace, with individual attention from a talented group of instructors, in small and friendly classrooms. We offer the most current New Jersey Real Estate information, while being aware and in tune with your scheduling needs. We understand blending work, school and personal commitments and we will help you achieve your desired success.

I am so proud of what we’re able to do at DeFalco Real Estate Academy. Producing exceptional Real Estate professionals fills us all with a sense of accomplishment and pride. For more information, visit or call us at 732-845-4843. We are here to answer your questions.

Is Real Estate A Good Career For You?

October 26, 2011 in Career in Real Estate

Sale SignIs Real Estate the Right Career For You?

Flexibility and potential are two of the first words that come to mind when it comes to Real Estate as a career. You control so much of what you get out of any career, but that is particularly true of a Real Estate professional.

That makes it an excellent choice for a young person just starting out in their career as well as one for those who have spent years doing something else entirely. It even makes a stellar second career, particularly for parents who work inside or outside the home. With flexible hours and schedules, you can build your real estate career around your life – instead of the other way around, trying to fit in a life around your career.Defalco Real Estate Academy

What you make salary wise in your Real Estate career is commensurate with what you can and do put into it – more hours and more expansion can raise your income substantially. Having that option is very appealing career-wise! You are dependent on yourself for raises and bonuses. You can scale back hours during busy personal times or when you need to take a break.

It’s up to you.

There is a general skill set that a good Real Estate professional should have. If things like Time Management and Self-Discipline appeal to you – that sense of control and responsibility, Real Estate is a good career choice! These are such important abilities to have. Patience and an Attention to Detail, as well as a Need to Learn are also heavily relied on. Real Estate professionals interact with people, they handle multiple types of paperwork and contracts as well as information retention and disbursement. Not to mention, laws and expectations of clients change frequently. There’s so much to remember – and if the idea of all that makes you smile as you’re reading this, Real Estate might just be the ideal career for you!

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Being a Real Estate professional is more than facilitating sales and buying of homes. You must also be capable of advertising, public relations, negotiating and teaching as much as you learn. Real Estate is a multi-faceted and exciting career that you shape and which is powered by your own aspirations and energy. Is it right for you?